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Italo Consulting has been helping law firms and attorneys across the United States to build more profitable and satisfying practices since 1992.  With more than 30 years business experience and over 20 years working exclusively with attorneys, Art Italo is among the most knowledgeable and experienced law firm management and marketing consultants in the nation.

Italo Consulting is primarily focused on consulting with small to mid-sized firms, solo practitioners and practice groups in large law firms.  The emphasis is on helping lawyers and law firms find the optimal balance between profitability, career fulfillment and quality of life.

With experience in every aspect of law firm management and attorney marketing, as your firm grows and you face new challenges, Italo Consulting will have the advice you need.  From lawyers who start a new solo practice to established practices in law firms looking to get to the next level, Italo Consulting has the experience you need. Consultant Art Italo has experience in law firm marketing and law practice management consulting in every imaginable practice area, and front line knowledge of the special considerations of each.

Italo Consulting Philosophy

Italo Consulting is committed to helping lawyers find success on their own terms.  Legal Consultant Art Italo takes a special interest in understanding the values and personal life goals of his clients, and developing practice models and strategies that serve these ends.  Whether the objective is to build a boutique law firm or a multimillion dollar practice, to find a balance between income and personal freedom, or to bring in supplemental income in a part time practice, Italo Consulting can develop a practice model and strategy that will contribute to each client’s individual life and practice goals.

Small to Mid-Size Firms

Italo Consulting provides law firm management and legal marketing solutions for small to mid sized law firms.  Consultations are available on topics such as development of mission statements, strategic plans, budgets, staffing issues, partner compensation plans, law firm marketing, and attorney productivity.  Individual or group consultations are available to help optimize the balance between profit and personal fulfillment for all members of the firm.

Solo Practitioners

Italo Consulting has a significant amount of experience helping solo practitioners in their quest for success on their own terms.  Solo practice can be a balancing act with special considerations, requiring the attorney to wear many hats.  Art Italo has worked as a consultant to more than 100 solo practitioners, from startups to seasoned veterans looking to move their practices to the next level.  Consultations concentrate on personal success coaching and values based motivation, in addition to teaching sound methods of law practice management and legal marketing.

Large Law Firms

While Italo Consulting focuses predominantly on small to mid sized firms, Art Italo does consult with individual partners and associates at large firms to aid them in improving originations and coordinating law firm marketing efforts with the goal of increasing income and leverage within the firm.  Also, consultations are available for practice groups at larger law firms to help better market the group, improve productivity and increase profitability.

For information about consultations for you or your law firm
Contact Italo Consulting today for a free initial consultation.

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