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Career Coaching for Lawyers

To increase your personal fulfillment and motivation, 
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Italo Consulting provides career coaching for attorneys across the United States, helping lawyers to have more fulfilling practices and improving motivation and purpose in their practices.  This process involves finding harmony between personal and practice goals and matching values to the practice to find the right area of law and practice model.  Consultant Art Italo has more than 20 years experience working with attorneys, understands the unique circumstances of the profession, and is effective at helping lawyers connect with their most important values and building a practice that is both profitable and gratifying.

  • Values Assessment
    A comprehensive examination of values and motivations is done to assess the areas of greatest gratification and help you connect with your purpose for practicing.
  • Quality of Life vs. Quantity of Life Decisions
    Italo Consulting will help you balance career and personal objectives by maximizing profitability within a framework that optimizes personal fulfillment in all areas of your life.
  • Determining Practice Model
    Based upon your values and life goals, Italo Consulting will develop a practice model that best suits those ends, be it a solo practice, a partnership, the development of a mid-sized firm or a contractor working from home.
  • Selecting Practice Focus
    We will match your values with a practice area that will give you greater satisfaction in the practice and increase motivation.
  • Harmonizing Practice With Life Goals
    Italo Consulting will examine your life goals, including retirement, family considerations, education of children, quality of life issues, etc. and help you develop a practice that contributes to these goals without monopolizing your life.
  • Motivation and Inspiration
    Learn how to be a self starter by understanding how your values affect your desire to work.
  • Accountability
    Once you commit to a course of action, Italo Consulting will follow up to make sure you are staying on course.
  • Stress Reduction
    Through proper matching of values, practice focus and practice model with life goals, the practice becomes much more enjoyable and less stressful.  Italo Consulting can also show you techniques for improving quality of life at work through the proper use of staff, to give you greater freedom and reduce fire fighting.

To increase your personal fulfillment and motivation, 
Contact Italo Consulting today for a free initial consultation.

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