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Client Testimonials

Art has unique insight into three important things. One, he learns his client’s goals and challenges and uses that information to help them plan for their preferred career. Two, he understands how a professional can build, improve, and market their personal brand. Three, he helps a professional plan their finances for the growth of the practice and the professional’s retirement. Every lawyer should keep these things in the front of their mind. I highly recommend for law firm marketing and strategic planning.
Michael Neff – Neff Injury Law

I highly recommend Art Italo for law firm consulting. I have been a client of Art’s for almost 10 years and in that time, by following his advice, our firm has grown significantly. He has helped us reach all of the goals that we established almost a decade ago. Frankly, through his coaching and advice we exceeded our goals. My advice to any lawyer wishing to improve his practice: hire Art Italo and follow all of his advice. I only wish I had enacted his recommendations sooner. I do not make any consequential decisions about the management of the firm without first consulting Art. His advice has been invaluable in our success.
Eric Gang – Gang & Associates, LLC

I hired Art in 2006 to help me move my legal career in a new direction. Art quickly helped me identify the values that were most important to my personal and professional satisfaction and happiness. We then designed a plan to build a law practice around the concept of fulfilling those values. With Art’s careful guidance and encouragement, I left my secure partnership in a 20-lawyer firm to pursue my dream of starting my own firm. In the first year of my venture, we increased my earnings by 42%. More importantly, we built a law practice that delivered better value to my clients and made me a happier lawyer, husband and father. Art is a powerful motivator who brings out the best in his clients. I highly recommend Art as a consultant and coach to any professional who is prepared to take his or her career to a new level.
Tim Napier – Napier Gault  Schupbach & Moore, PLC

We first began working with Art in 1998. Within a short time of implementing Art’s program, our business began to pick up and has maintained an upward trajectory ever since. Art has been a pleasure to work with. We always say that we just wish that we had met Art sooner. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Tom Holder – Gerber & Holder, LLP

I hired Art Italo in 2002 to help me decide if I should take the leap and start my own law practice. Art did not tell me what I wanted to hear but rather gave me real life advice and counsel. Basically, I did what he told me to do and it worked ! I have grown from a one man operation with one shared secretary to a payroll of 10 employees. This, of course, is a reflection of my business growth that Art helped engineer from day one. I still meet with Art quarterly and will continue to do so. Thank you Art!
Frank Burns – J. Franklin Burns, P.C.

Art understands all aspects of the business of practicing law. I have used him as a business development consultant, and his advice and coaching have helped me immensely in learning marketing skills I had not learned in over 30 years of practicing law. I shall continue to call upon his expertise as my business grows.
George Shingler – The Shingler Law Firm, LLC

Art is a very effective teacher and motivator in the area of law firm management and marketing. I hired him when I opened my solo practice and his advice was superlative in giving me direction and focus in the early growth and development of my practice. I highly recommend him to any attorney who wants to grow their practice and referral base in a strategic and leveraged manner.
Steve Worrall – Worrall Law, LLC

Art understands the legal community and how effectively to develop a marketing approach for various practice areas. Art provided critical insights on how to increase the probability that my marketing and networking efforts would yield the desired results. I first consulted with Art over 15 years ago, and still implement his strategies on almost a daily basis. I can say without equivocation that the concepts and approach that Art brings to the table are focused, thoughtful, and most of all, they work! I highly recommend.
Robert Port – Gaslowitz Frankel, LLC

Art has helped me grow my business tremendously. I have enjoyed working with and hope to continue our business relationship for many years to come.
Rachel Platt – The Platt Law Firm

I first hired Art when I started my law practice. He was instrumental in helping me focus my practice, in developing sound business practices and in building a successful practice. I would highly recommend Art to any attorney that’s looking to build a more successful practice and who wants to take control of their business.
Gordon M. Berger – Fisher Broyles

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