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To improve the effectiveness of your legal marketing efforts, 
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Million Dollar Advice

Italo Consulting has a proven track record of delivering effective rainmaking strategies and tactics having helped numerous attorneys to exceed $1 million dollars in personal originations.  Consultant Art Italo has more than 30 years marketing experience with more than 20 years devoted exclusively to advising attorneys across the United States about legal marketing.

Art Italo believes the best way to build a strong practice is through professional referrals and leveraged networking.  The emphasis is placed on building long term relationships with targeted contacts who will send referrals for years to come.  He has advised numerous clients who have built million dollar practices in their chosen areas without media advertising.  Originations are power.  Learn to be more effective using law firm marketing techniques that work.

A Proven Legal Marketing Approach

  • Strategic Marketing Plans
    Prepare cohesive long term strategic plans for marketing a law practice through a combination of networking, leadership and building prominence in the legal profession.
  • Leveraged Networking
    Learn proven rainmaking techniques by building long term relationships with targeted contacts who have a high probability of sending referrals of the best clients and most desirable legal matters.
  • Target Client Selection
    Identify the most desirable clients with the most interesting and lucrative legal matters that will best contribute to a profitable and fulfilling practice.
  • Coordinated Law Firm Marketing Tactics
    Get all the attorneys in the firm to market and coordinate efforts to maximize firm originations and prevent overlap.
  • Target Contact Selection
    Identify networking contacts who are most likely to be in contact with target clients and send desirable legal referrals.
  • Setting Rates
    Determine the right rate for your market and practice area to maximize profitability without reducing demand.
  • Website Strategies
    Learn effective approaches to using legal website marketing to increase the number of inquiries from both referrals and internet visitors.
  • Social Media
    Implement effective tactics to increase referrals from LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Building Prominence
    Learn to demonstrate competency through leadership by choosing effective professional leadership activities that maximize marketing impact for an attorney’s chosen practice focus.
  • Presentations
    Prepare and role-play high a impact presentation that will motivate other professionals to send you business and consider you a valuable marketing contact.
  • Winning Beauty Contests
    Learn proven tactics for landing even the biggest clients when
    competing for their business against another lawyer or law firm.

To improve the effectiveness of your legal marketing efforts, 
Contact Italo Consulting today for a free initial consultation. 

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