How To Set Your Retainers and Fees

How To Set Your Retainers and Fees


Most attorneys, whether solo or partners in large law firms, struggle with the decision about where to set their fees and retainers. Generally, I find they err on the low side, mostly out of an irrational fear that if they raise their rates by $5.00, all their clients will immediately fire them.  Naturally, the result of this will be immediate financial ruin, bankruptcy, homelessness, and ultimately an unmarked grave in potter’s field.   Continue reading

Creating A Strategic Marketing Plan

Creating A Strategic Marketing Plan


A strategic marketing plan is vital to success in a competitive market. Unfortunately, many attorneys cringe when they think of marketing. They shrink from it partly because they aren’t sure it sends the right message about the profession, and partly because they are in unfamiliar territory. In a perfect world, they would automatically get calls from large clients with interesting cases all of whom pay their bills on time. Continue reading

The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

The Benefits of Hiring a Consultant


I was once in a meeting with a potential client where we were discussing whether it would be beneficial for him to engage me as an advisor.  After spending a good deal of time talking about his current situation, his frustrations in moving forward, my qualifications, and the direction our consultations might take if he engaged me, he said to me, A consultant is a guy who looks at your watch and tells you what time it is. Why should I pay you a lot of money to tell me things I either already know or could figure out for myself? Continue reading

Improve Law Firm Marketing Using Leveraged Networking

Improve Law Firm Marketing Using Leveraged Networking


Leveraged Networking is a system that helps you get the most return for the time you invest networking. Most lawyers are convinced it is important to network, but they are not sure how to go about it. They go out and meet people, but they get few referrals. To be effective at networking it is vital to understand how and why it works.  Whether you are a solo practitioner just starting your practice or a partner with a large firm with a million dollar practice, networking will be the life blood of your practice. Continue reading

Marketing for the Small Law Firm and Solo Practitioner

Marketing for the Small Law Firm
and Solo Practitioner


As a solo practitioner or the member of a small firm, you must wear many hats. Besides being an attorney, you must be the accounting department, the personnel department, the accounts payable and accounts receivable department, and handle a host of other issues all at once. One area that is critical to your success, and an area with which attorneys often feel uncomfortable, is marketing. Continue reading

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